The Girl in the Tyler the Creator “She” Video (PHOTOS)

The beautiful female in the Tyler the Creator video “She” is allegedly his ex-girlfriend named Milan. It is also alleged that she became a lesbian after they broke up, but the source was of course Yahoo! answers so if you have a grain a salt, I guess you can take it as such.


Anyone Remember this Cardigan Tune?

The Cardigans is pretty good. I underestimate their fluidity and structure pop sound. They stretch the melody and coolness of their music beyond most type of music, but has that underground recording studio sound that gives their sound a natural feel.

Underground Talent: Girl Sings Maps Cover At Talent Show (WOW!)

This girl, I am not quite sure what grade or school this is at, puts on an amazing performance at her school’s talent show with a cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Maps song. The quality of the recording isn’t that great, but if you like to search for talent, you will feel it after hearing this version.

Whoever you are, great voice. I hope you will do great things someday

Ke$ha Lyrics For Tik-Tok

Kesha has blown up out of nowhere, and is taking the world by storm. Not a fan of her music, but I guess her following is pretty strong. I really can’t believe she is blowing up. These women all taking up beats that are, I don’t know if you want to say stolen, but very well-produced homages to Kylie Minogue.

Bark+Bite blog has the best rant review about her stuff.

Kesha tik-tok lyrics

Great Kesha Rant by Bark+Bite

Kenny Nolan Vs. George Michael


Can you hear the similarities? Maybe not. Maybe?

Are You Drunk Right Now? Get Amped with This Song!

C’mon! Lets all go out right now, and go crazy. Its 2010, the worlds going to end! Lets show the Universe that the last generation know how to party with the rest of them.

You have a better party song? Post it, and I will add it. Lets go fucking insane for 2 ten!

Traditional Irish Influence On Tool’s Wings For Marie?

I don’t know if anyone else has thought about it when they were listening to Tool’s 10,000 days Wing For Marie.

It is an amazing song, and when I listen to it, it reminds me of a lot of traditional Irish music that my friends listen to ( not the Whiskey in the Jar-type songs, but more melodic and emotional )

When you hear this, and then listen to this:

There isn’t much of a similarity, but the arrangements ( especially the vocal arrangements )  in the two songs are directed more to traditional Irish/Gaelic folk music than any other current/past genre ( other than the heaviness of the rock guitar ).

Can anyone say they have/have not though of this? Am I wrong? Do I have something?