Doyle & Debbie : Country Duo With a Hilarious Edge

Doyle & Debbie
Doyle & Debbie: Marriage of Melodic Perfection

I think I am done writing today, but I will leave you with the country parody duo Doyle & Debbie. I had seen them on Conan O’Brien a few months back. I thought these guys were at least getting somewhere in the Flight of the Concords popularity, but they are still pretty much underground.

Watching it I thought it was weird, since they were arguing and he kept talking about her being “his third singer” (since it is a husband/wife duo, I guess you can get the hint from there). Great singing, and it ended up being really funny. Reminds me a lot of Ween’s country album, but its way more wacky.

Screwin’ Other Women is a great song to start off to. Check out their Myspace page here.


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