Ourstage Band – Jason Eddens “Letter”

Photo: Jason Eddens

Well, I’m a little pissed now because the whole fucking page is centered and not just the photo. Sometimes, I can’t stand WordPress. Anyways, I heard this guy’s song on Ourstage.com and was blown away on how catchy it was. It is worth listening to, the competition on the site placed him so low; who the hell is voting on this site? People not like me I presume; maybe I’m the idiot here?

Listening to this song has that High School movie ending feel to it, or that High School movie scene when everything has gone wrong, and the protagonist ( Yay, first time I used that word this year!) is walking down a lonely street. I can tell a random person that this song was the last song on Dawson’s Creek’s Season Finale and they would believe me.


Since I never watched the show ( or did I?) it would be doubly fun to see how they think this song is somehow famous.
It isn’t in the least bit. But it is catchy, and wouldn’t be surprised if this kid gets gigs or a record deal in the future. Great song.


Listen to his song “The Letter” here.
Help him make money. Buy the song off of Ourstage.

One response to “Ourstage Band – Jason Eddens “Letter”

  1. AOL’s Ourstage has deleted the WinterBand fan page on behalf of a handful of false-christians who didn’t like what we teach and filed frivolous “complaints”

    Details and documentation are available at:


    What has happened is outrageous religious censorship and discrimination.
    Whether you love us or hate us consider the precedent that this situation establishes.

    If anyone you know is investing time and effort building a presence and network of connections on Ourstage you owe it to them to make them aware of what is going on.

    Bro Steve Winter

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