Redmask & Dave Attell Had A Baby! Skanks Remix Albums.

No, they didn’t. Because if they did, you know he would’ve called it PizzaPussySanta! What did happen is an instrumental remix was done for Dave Attell.

There are albums and torrents flying around the ‘net, but you can find a couple of the tracks on the ‘tube. Can we start consolidating Youtube now and call it the ‘Tube? My spellcheck is more sympathetic. I hate those goddamn red lines.

If anything, this album is awesome with or without Redmask. But if you heard the normal one, the Redmask one is another decent add to your collection. Here is a ‘Tube (gotcha!) video of Dave Attell – Skanks Remix Album Track.

Redmask is a band of friends of mines ( OH NO! I am already doing the glad-handing on my blog! Fuck I am already screwing up! …….not.) and I like the album. They have a page on Ourstage but nothing like this album. Listen to them here.


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