” This is the first of Many!” – Dane Cook

Welcome to the first post of the Shots in the Dark Page. Our page is here to showcase underground bands that are GOOD! No, not bands that have a lot of money and get touring gigs. Not the bands who get 1,000 plays a day on Myspace.

I am talking about those bands and musicians that are good but are pretty well off any music radar. If there is any way to simplify who this blog is going after, I’ll put it this way: You probably don’t get more than 100 results from Google. You probably won’t hear from them again after they made one song with their friend in a cold Minnesota garage. They probably remind you of your friend’s band that broke up after one gig because of a fight over a sorority girl.

In short, true underground bands. If it sounds good, we will post it up here. 99% of music is mediocre. Let’s sift through the mess and find some good gems shall we? A decent amount of bands will come from Ourstage and Myspace. If you have any other arenas we might be overlooking ( and bands too ), tell us. Let’s UN-Pitchfork this Motha!


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