“Almost Nobody Agreed With You…” – Ourstage & 85% of Voting Population Just Called Me a Fuckface.

  Dick Cheney

“I picked my favorite bands, and no one fucking agrees with me. If it happens one more time, I’m gonna go Martial Law on a mothafucka quick!”

– Dick Cheney after judging on Ourstage .com

I have no qualms with the judging system on Ourstage. Like I said in my previous post(s), I really enjoy the system and think that it welcomes a great deal of competition without coercion from hype or label marketing schemes.

I only have a problem with the comments made after my voting. And the comments aren’t the problem, but it is the reason that these comments come up that bother me.

Example: I have to vote between band 1# ( I’ll keep it anonymous; I don’t feel like hurting egos) and band 2# ( I loved you more, but lets keep it objective.). I have to listen to the song for a minimum of 15 seconds each, but because it downloads quick, I have the ability to traverse through the song up to the ending if I want to ( traverse = move the thingy around to different parts of song).

At first, I thought band 2# blew chunks of shit, while band one was just plain sucking Jane. The last sentence sounded like an BDSM porn; believe me, the music initially sounded horrible enough that 2 girls 1 cup would’ve been a better waste of my time.

But upon getting into the good part of the song from Band 2#, I realized that I was the asshole who didn’t know what he was talking about, and I grew insanely fond of the song. Band 1# on the other hand got a little better, but they had this Alice-in-Chains double-vocal revival that was off the mark and boring enough that I was itching for the 15 second-limit to be over.

Case in point. Band 2# was better. Way better than Band 1#. I listened to Band 2# for 5 minutes ( it was a long song) and added it to my favorites. I picked the “by far” button for band 2# ( which means they are by far better than band 1#).

When the page refreshes for the next two bands, the website showcases a small comment on how many people were in consensus of my decision of band 2#. And when the tally came in, it said that only 15% had the same musical opinion of this song.

What gives with this bullshit? The other song was atrocious; if I were to pick that song over the better song, I would smile about how cool I am, and then blow my nuts off with a shotgun. It would be hard to point a 2-foot barrel into my crotch, but if I vote on music that bad, it probably isn’t a good intention to pass my intelligence off to my kids.

Getting away from rants and coming back to objectivity, I am not sure if the judging meant that the band is usually picked, or if it meant that the band is usually picked over the other band. Not many people use Ourstage, and I would think it is highly unlikely that there is enough judging that two bands can square off multiple times. I could easily email them and ask them this question, but I am a jackass and will stay willfully ignorant and arrogant of my own shallow existence.

Anywho, I think it could be more that I picked the highest praise for the band ( by far ) and not many other people ( the other 85%) did the same thing. Even if the last thought is a resolution explaining Ourstage’s voting habits, some of these top 10 bands make me question quality of music the voters are usually immersed in. But if you have anything to say about Ourstage or how the top bands make it, leave me something and I’ll add it.


4 responses to ““Almost Nobody Agreed With You…” – Ourstage & 85% of Voting Population Just Called Me a Fuckface.

  1. i agree with you. i have trouble with those little sayings after each vote. mainly because i immediately question my own taste in music, which, for a musician is suicide. but regardless i think the ourstage system still works, but i don’t think enough people know about it to make it a true test of what songs are better than others. when MILLIONS of people are voting, then i think you’ll get a more true consensus. because if you’ve only got a few thousand people voting, maybe they all live in hamburg and listen to heavy metal, what do they know about reggae/ska?

  2. I have one explanation. I think they use the ELO system (like in chess competitions).
    And with this kind of systems, you were probably the first to judge the battle between these two songs. The sentence “15% voted like you” is a sort of simulation and would just mean something like “Song 1 is much higher in the ranking thang song 2”.

    Now why song 2 was so low ? sometimes a song has been added recently and it’s position has to be adjusted during the following days.

  3. Please help us spread the word about the corruption at Ourstage and what they did to WinterBand

  4. We were blessed to get a tip that our now deleted Ourstage fan page was still cached on Google. Now all can see the content that the corrupt staff at Ourstage lied about! Please WARN any and all you know who are participating on Ourstage about the corruption and dishonesty there. Post the link to our site in channel comments and song and video comments at Ourstage and in blogs.

    Details and now documentation are available at:




    Regards, and thanks for your support!

    Bro. Steve Winter

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