The Neptunes: Best Track Of 2008 – “I Know” By Jay-z

This is the type of song that you need time alone to yourself, put on headphones, and focus on the fine production created by the Neptunes.

The Neptunes in terms of creating top hits and mainstream booty-shakers have fallen off over the last 2-4 years ( depending on how you are counting the booty-shaking hits ). But the song  I Know by Jay-z on his American Gangster album showcases that there are rabbits in their magic hat that haven’t left the fold, and hopefully we will see some more fluffy energized classics such as this one to come in the near future.

The percussion on this track runs so smoothly and creatively that it carries the song throughout. Nothing against Jay-Z; he is amazingly lyrical, but this song’s vibe is buoyed by the heavy knick-knacks & the hand drumming along with the heavy synthesizer vibe more than Jay-Z’s flow.

The song crafts a continued ambiance that continually jolts the ear into listening to more. The Neptunes, although they don’t try this often, always seem to perfect the heavy bass sided with the ethereal cloudy melodies for the makeup of their songs. This is seen with Excuse Me Miss & Love U Better by LL Cool J, but is an evolution they seem to have overlooked the past few years.

This is an incredible song, and an incredible track. I know it is mainstream, but this only proves that the Neptunes production group is amazing and I hope they have enough juice left to be considered in the top tier of composing great beats such as this one. This can be enjoyed by anyone so take a listen.


One response to “The Neptunes: Best Track Of 2008 – “I Know” By Jay-z

  1. can you get an instrumental for i know by jay-z produced by the neptunes and send it to my email

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