The Killers: We’re Taking Over U2’s spot. Jesus… You’re Next

I am having a very tough time trying to understand what it is with The Killers, although I enjoy listening to them, getting themselves muddled in all this controversy every year. If it isn’t a tussle with bands in his own label, lead singer Brandon Flowers has made an effort to stir up some anger with bands that have garnered a heaping amount of success.

A couple of years back, Flowers had criticized Green Day for exploiting Anti-Americanism by playing “American Idiot” outside of the US. He felt that, the DVD taping of the song was a stunt because the recordings were all in England and Germany. Flowers felt that the meaning may not be felt the same way to non-Americans the way Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day had written it.

Last week, The Killers’ Brandon Flowers was interviewed and had called out U2, saying that they were “getting old”, and that Flowers “feels like its time” for the Killers become as popular as Bono’s band.
The interview isn’t as bad as people made it out to be. It comes off as controversial, but the quote about U2 seems to come from more of an admiration for the band than anything else.

The Killers’ new album, Day & Age, will be out in stores November 25th.


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