Top Ten Rihanna Umbrella Covers


It has been a sad week for the talented Rihanna. I wanted to write something positive about her away from her current situation. Going through some of the news and links, I stumbled upon an acoustic version of her song umbrella. I heard this version a few months back, and it is really catchy.

I never really liked the song, or any of her music, but in the acoustic format I had a greater appreciation for the songwriting put into it.

During this trek, I also was bombarded with an assortment of covers of the song. This song seems to be liked by a lot of people, seeing that everyone and their mothers are creating their own versions of it. I feel this might be the most covered pop song of the 21st century ( or maybe My Immortal? )

Some people were really good, with very sweet voices, cool arrangements, or serene minimalism. Others were cursed with off-key vocals, bad recording, or saturated with mundanity.

So, here’s the top 10 list of the best Rihanna Umbrella covers gathered from the internet. If you have others, audio or video, that can beat these, email me, and I will make a revision in the future.

Judging by:

  • Originality of arrangement
  • Vocals
  • Use of instruments
  • Use of melody or minimalism ( both are good if done well )
  • quality of recording
  • Getting the song right ( ie: missing lyrics, bad chords )
  • Overall impact ( Wow me like Simon on American Idol )

Just a note: Very few covers hit the final chord of the chorus chord progression right before ( It’s raining ). I understand the triviality ( sounding like the architect from the Matrix ), but it defines the impact of the song. Keeping the progression the same as the other choruses is fine because it blends right into the ending chorus, but it doesn’t hit as hard. Just a thought.

I scored while listening to the song. I only re-scored a song if I felt I didn’t give it enough time and listened to it again. I cut it up into pages since some people can’t handle more than two embedded videos at a time. Drum roll, please!

Opens the letter

Honorable Mentions:

Coco Paragua

Just like with the club-house beats, the reggaeton beat has the ability to emulate any song. Would not be surpirsed if there is a reggaeton cover of a Yes song ( I took a look. No go ). But this sounds good.

Plain White T’s

Reading lyrics is lame, and you can’t make a top list when you are reading from a piece of paper. This song isn’t that hard to remember. You don’t see the guitarist reading sheet music. Give them the effort for doing it though.

Other Honorable Mentions

Alejandro Monzano -Soft reverb is always nice. A little plain, but a good voice.

PV/Nova: Made me want to write a new Care Bears episode. Happiest version by far!

Now, for the top 10!


2 responses to “Top Ten Rihanna Umbrella Covers

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  2. Here’s another one from Greece!!!

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