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Anyone Remember this Cardigan Tune?

The Cardigans is pretty good. I underestimate their fluidity and structure pop sound. They stretch the melody and coolness of their music beyond most type of music, but has that underground recording studio sound that gives their sound a natural feel.


What Does Chingy, SWV, and Jaco Pastorius Have In Common?

I was listening to a radio bit on National Public Radio, and I was stunned by the riff I heard.

Hitting me, was a bass riff that was so familiar and so soothing; it came at me as a backup song during the credits of an interview. I listened, not thinking of its importance, for all backup music to endings of radio bits are made up of obscure pieces from other musicians ( or musicians pertaining to the interview/ journalist piece at hand ).

As I comforted myself into the NPR piece, the bass line hit me. It was an exact ( almost exact ) riff of an R&B song that I heard when I was a kid:

But it wasn’t this song at all. The surprise came first with the intuition that the former song took the riff fromĀ a piece that was older:

It is one of those times that you would be upset that you didn’t know a song you liked was semi-covered, but you are comforted somehow with the fact that the riff did exist some time before, and that it was liked by others. It was liked by others who wouldn’t neccesarily be privy to any hip-hop or R&B. Not others who would give any importance to those who used the riff for their albums.

But to hear it, and hear where it was given birth, it gives me a better love for those who “covered” it and felt it was a good enough riff to exchange it in a tengent genre for others to listen. It makes me like the songs that use this riff so much more. It makes me want to find other similar ventures of current and past music; to find musical pieces that have been used in history to create mainstream music.

Let’s be honest: Could you ever think a Chingy song would be derived from a Jaco Pastorius bassline? I don’t think so.

Remember This? Electric Light Orchestra – Last Train To London

For all you kids ( including myself ) who weren’t blessed with hearing this band on the radio, I bring to the band responsible for such good hit as ” Don’t Bring Me Down” & “Mr. Blue Sky,

Electric Light Orchestra!

Remember This – Moby “Reach For My Revolver”

I remember this song from a while back. I thought this song was by the Presidents of the United States but when you are twelve, you still hold onto the Santa Claus dream as hard as you can. With that mindset, anything is possible. Even throwing rocks at passing busses ( wasn’t that so much fun growing up? Oh wait, this was only a pastime for people in the projects or Southie. My bad).

Note: This song is a cover from the band Mission of Burma ( Boston band, fuck yea ).

Remember This? : Royksopp – Sparks

royksopp looking like hipsters

Royksopp’s has always been on the scene of mainstream downtempo & uptempo house music. They have a decent following, but I think their popularity doesn’t correlate with how good their music is. This is a song from the Melody A.M. called Sparks. Relax. Enjoy.